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New Song: Build My Life

Every September we return to three defining characteristics of Cornerstone Church: Gospel Centred, Marked by Grace and On Mission. More than words these realities shape us gathered, equally as much when we scatter returning to work, school, home, university, friends, and family. Gospel Centred, Marked By Grace and On Mission become the overflow for each believer whose f...

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New Song: The Wondrous Cross

We began a new series in the book of Colossians this past week, as Paul walked us through an overview of the book what we continued to see is the preeminence of Christ in all things. Greater than our thoughts, greater than our feelings, greater than our circumstances Christ has made peace by the blood of His cross (Col 1:20). There is a greater reality at work in the live...

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New Song: Lord, I Need You

The songs we sing on Sunday are not just a mix of word and melody they are prayers. They help wrap understanding around truth that needs to cement deeply in our hearts, minds, lips and lives. One of the reasons that the prayer song we introduced on Sunday resonates so much is that it is a prayer we can be declared at any season of our soul it is both comforting and confr...

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New Song: Great Are You Lord

'Great Are You Lord' is a song that you've probably heard on in the background before or after a service at Cornerstone Church. It's a simple song that helps communicate a profound Scriptural truth - that everything we have is from God. The first verse paints a picture of who God is and what He's done: You give life,(Acts 17:25) You are love (1 John 4:8) ...

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New Song: The Lord Our God

As we move into a new stage of life as a church it is important to remind ourselves of the fact that although our lives and circumstances will be constantly in flux, God is 'ever faithful' and 'never changing'. 'The Lord Our God' is a song that is all about God's faithfulness, protection and provision for his people and has many echoes to God's leading of Israel through th...

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