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New Song: Grace Alone

There are so many good worship songs available these days but there are fewer great worship songs available. And every once in a while a great song appears that perfectly articulates the weight of the Gospel who Jesus is, what He has done, and who we are. Those are the type of songs we want to sing, pray and live at Cornerstone Church. Left to our own devices, we never c...

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New Song: Build My Life

Every September we return to three defining characteristics of Cornerstone Church: Gospel Centred, Marked by Grace and On Mission. More than words these realities shape us gathered, equally as much when we scatter returning to work, school, home, university, friends, and family. Gospel Centred, Marked By Grace and On Mission become the overflow for each believer whose f...

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New Song: Your Grace

'Undeserved favour, in the face of deserved wrath' is my favourite description of grace. And as our leaders have often reminded us, 'grace is not a thing but the person of Jesus Christ.' It is grace that saves us, but it is also grace that keeps us, sustains us, and enables us to live as we are called. We have seen during our time in 1 John, to walk in the light (1:7), o...

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New Song: Jesus, I Am Resting

Scripture tells us to 'sing to the LORD a new song (Ps 96:1).' And we love to sing new songs at Cornerstone Church, but from time to time, a new song to our congregation was originally a new song to a congregation a century or so ago. While studying 1 John, we will grow in correct doctrine, knowing joy, living holy lives and be assured of our salvation and that comes from...

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New Song: Always

Steve said on Sunday, 'We are studying 1 John because we want to have correct doctrine, know joy, to live holy lives, and be assured our salvation.' And it is with that same kind of intentionality that we want to introduce the songs we sing at Cornerstone Church. We want songs which combat lies with the truth of God's Word, remind us of who He is and what He has done, anch...

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New Song: Be Enthroned

As we begin a new series in Genesis we will see how this creation narrative is truly the Gospel in the Beginning. God's plan of redemption and rescue for His people, set in motion before He laid the foundations of the earth. God, dwelling in perfect unity, harmony, and worship did not create due to some cosmic deficiency in Himself, but out of the overflow of His characte...

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New Song: Great Are You Lord

'Great Are You Lord' is a song that you've probably heard on in the background before or after a service at Cornerstone Church. It's a simple song that helps communicate a profound Scriptural truth - that everything we have is from God. The first verse paints a picture of who God is and what He's done: You give life,(Acts 17:25) You are love (1 John 4:8) ...

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