Cornerstone Songs

New Song: Be Enthroned

As we begin a new series in Genesis – we will see how this creation narrative is truly the Gospel in the Beginning. God’s plan of redemption and rescue for His people, set in motion before He laid the foundations of the earth. God, dwelling in perfect unity, harmony, and worship did not create due to some cosmic deficiency in Himself, but out of the overflow of His character – to invite us into who He is, who He has always been, through Christ.

The reality of this redemption has existed in the Lamb who was slain before the foundations of the earth – the things that angels long to look. So we join with heaven, join with the saints that have gone before, and those that will come after in responding to who God is and what He has done (Rev 13:8,1 Pet 1:12, 20, Ecc 1:4, Ps 105:1, Ps 145:4).

          We've come to join the song, sung long before our lives

          To raise our voice along, Heaven and earth alike

          We've seen Your faithful hand, Your mercy without end

          A King who bled and died, a God who sacrificed

Enthrone – to assign supreme virtue or value to exalt. God is not praiseworthy because we declare it to be so – but simply because He is. It is His character, it is who He has always been. But as the Psalmist declares ‘I have set the LORD always before me,’ we too are faced with the choice of who we will assign supreme virtue or value in our lives (Ps 16:8). As we sing the words of the chorus to this song, it is simultaneously declaring what is true – God is worthy of all praise for a thousand generations – and a prayer desiring Him to be enthroned in our own lives (Ps 145:4, Ps 149:6, Rev 5:12).

          Be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations

          You are worthy, Lord of all

          Unto You the slain and risen King we lift our voice with Heaven

          Singing, 'Worthy, Lord of All'

All of life is for God, all of life is about God. Although distorted by sin in this life, in the new creation all of life will be lived out in perfect worship and glorification of God (Ps 113:2, Ps 145:21, Ps 89:1, Eph 3:21).

          All through this life we lead and on to eternity

          Our endless praise will cry, Jesus be glorified Jesus be glorified

In life, in death, in the good gifts He gives, in what He withholds – He is worthy of our lives laid down in worshipful response (Rom 12, Ps 148:1, Ps 30:12).

          Highest praises Lord of all

          Highest praises You are worthy Lord of all

I hope that this song will help us to see the Gospel in the beginning of our story – the Genesis story. The story of our redemption and God’s glory that has been in motion long before our lives, and will continue on long after we are gone.