Cornerstone Songs

New Song: Power To Redeem

There are many different elements involved in the songs that we choose at Cornerstone Church including: that they put Jesus on display, and that they help us understand and respond to the Word of God as we are being taught on a Sunday morning and are sent out on mission together as God’s people. So as a worship leader, what do we do when we come up against a sermon series entitled ‘Marriage, Sex and Singleness,’? Not many corporate worship songs fit neatly into that category, let me tell you!

We chose to introduce this song during this new series because of the way it articulates the brokenness our sin has wrought in every aspect of our lives – including marriage, sex and singleness. The first verse begins with our brokenness, but recognizes that we serve a God who redeems – and will one day set everything right (Is 61:3, Ecc 3:11, Rev 21:5).

          You take what is, and You make it beautiful

          When love floods in, we’re restored forevermore

The chorus displays who Jesus is, what He has done, and the outworking of its reality for those of us who are His:

With breath that brings the dead to life,

We were dead, God brought us to life (Gen 2:7)

With words that pierce the dark with light

We were wondering in darkness, He is the light of the World (Jn 8:12)

Only by the blood are we set free

We were enslaved to sin and death – Christ has given His life for our freedom (Gal 5:1)

With mercy strong to carry shame and nail it to a tree

We were covered in shame – but Christ has freed us from condemnation (Rom 8:1)

You alone hold the power to redeem

We have do not have the ability to save ourselves – it is all an act of God (Eph 2:8)

The second verse speaks with the weight of what Christ has accomplished into our naturally fearful and insecure hearts; that even the darkness in us, and the world is as bright as day to our Saviour, King and Friend (Ps 139:12, Acts 2:24, 1 Pet 3:18).

No guilt competes with innocence crucified

No grave can hold what Your grace has justified

Christ’s followers always have a reason to rejoice no matter our circumstance because we are redeemed not because of what we have done, but because of Christ’s completed work on our behalf. But in the brokenness that we still experience we have to labour to lift our eyes to the things above, things that are eternal, the deeper, greater, truer reality of our standing with Christ in God. And when we forget, when we stumble, His mercies are new every morning (Phil 4:4, Ps 121, Lam 3:22-23).

Rejoice of child of God, lift your eyes to see

With every morning light, again we are redeemed

I hope that this song gives us hope as we sing. In the midst of our sin, brokenness, and distorted identities, that we have a God who redeems. So sing in faith, sing in belief, sing in the hope of what He has done!