Given the current coronavirus situation, we will be meeting online at - please feel free to join us as we hear from God's word'
The Advice
The current Public Health England advice doesn't require any change in our practices as a church, we are constantly checking as this situation progresses.
If you feel unwell you shouldn't attend work or church.
If you feel well there is currently no need for you to avoid coming to church because of Coronavirus at the moment
What can you do?
Current advice centres around good hygiene practices. This means keeping tissues on you at all times to catch coughs and sneezes, and then binning it; and washing your hands regularly with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) or using hand sanitising gel to kill germs.
If you have developed symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath, you should immediately:
  • Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu.
  • People with symptoms are no longer required to call NHS 111, as the system is under strain, but are instead urged to look for information on the NHS website and 111 online.
If you would like further information, you can read more about the Government's Advice here.