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New Song: Jesus!

Charles Spurgeon said 'The most important daily habit we can possess is to remind ourselves of the Gospel.' I love songs that help us to see, remember, and respond to the whole scope of the Gospel creation, fall, redemption, restoration, glorification all told in three minutes! The song 'Jesus!' by Citizens and Saints is just that type of song In the first two verses we...

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29 December 2015

"May God grant us a desire for God that supersedes all other desires." AW Tozer What are the things that you desire for yourself, your family, your Gospel Community, your team, your church and your city in 2016? I hope that you have been thinking on and praying through the anticipation and action that comes with a new year. My prayer is that our lives would echo that of ...

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Original Song: Love Pursued

As we study the Gospel of Luke as a church, I was struck again when we arrived at the story of the Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). Whether our lives outwardly resemble a prodigal, Scripture is clear that we are dead, hard-hearted, and do not seek God in our own strength, walking away, choosing our own way (Eph 2:1-3, Rom 3:10-12, Ps 14:1-3, Is 53:6) BUT GOD It is God that p...

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17 February 2015

'Oh God please give me three wounds; the wound of contrition, the wound of compassion, and the wound of longing after God.' Lady Julian We never think of a wound as a good thing. They are painful, and they kill our delusion that we are self-sufficient. They remind us that we have need. We ask for wounds to be healed not to be inflicted. But these wounds that flowed from ...

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1 September 2014

'Our worship does not add to God's worth. He's God! Our worship adds God's worth to our lives.' - Louie Giglio---We become what we behold - and in worship that looks like: God reveals who He is (we behold), and we respond to who He is (we become). God's worth is added to our lives by the revelation of Himself, and our being continuously transformed into His likeness. So le...

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