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Responsive Reading - Riches of Christ

This past Sunday we looked atLuke 20:41-21:4, and as we remembered who Jesus is, and what He's done, we responded together by reading a prayer written specifically in light of the truths we were taught: Jesus, we come to You out of our poverty. We have no riches, no sacrifice, no offering only our lives to lay before You in joy and obedience. Fath...

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Responsive Reading - Our Father

Across three Praise and Worship nights over the next year we will look in depth at The Lord's Prayer. Here is a responsive reading taken from Scripture looking at God as 'Our Father...' we used during our most recent Praise and Worship Night on October 4, 2015. OUR FATHER: WHO YOU ARE Leader:"Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?Who determined its measu...

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