Luke Owen - Elder

Luke O photo

Luke was born in Liverpool into a Christian family. Until the age of 16, he lived a moral life trying earn his own salvation and acceptance by God. When realising that this was impossible, he chose to push against the truth of the Gospel and instead went down a road of sinful selfishness. This escalated into cycles of addiction and substance abuse until at the age of 25. Over time, God showed Luke that nothing would ever satisfy the longing in his heart other than relationship with Jesus.

Luke is now married to Melody and they have two children, Shiloh and Isaiah. He works as a builder where his heart is to proclaim the Gospel on site to the contractors that he works along side in the normality of every day life.
Luke's desire is to see broken and destitute lives transformed and redeemed from darkness into light by the power of the Gospel.

You can follow Luke on Twitter here.