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29 December 2015

"May God grant us a desire for God that supersedes all other desires." AW Tozer What are the things that you desire for yourself, your family, your Gospel Community, your team, your church and your city in 2016? I hope that you have been thinking on and praying through the anticipation and action that comes with a new year. My prayer is that our lives would echo that of ...

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22 December 2015

'The presence of God's Spirit in your life takes away the frustrated soul-thirst and turns you into a fount where others can find life.' John Piper We have two choices in our serving: life or death. We can speak, lead and serve in such a way that leads ourselves, one another, and our people to life, which is Jesus or to death which is towards ourselves. It is only God t...

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15 December 2015

'He who communes with God is always at home' Spurgeon Home is a haven of safety, rest, understanding, reprieve, security and belonging. Too often I find myself seeking those things seeking home in relationships and locations apart from God. But for the believer as a 'stranger' and 'alien', our home is a heavenly one, dwelling in right relationship and union with God (1...

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8 December 2015

'We only find ourselves when we find Him. We lost ourselves at one tree. And only find ourselves at another.' Ann Voskamp We are all on a quest for meaning and significance ultimately identity. And the truth for all people is that true meaning, significance and identity cannot be found outside of Jesus Christ. The same is true for a Believer our identity cannont be fou...

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1 December 2015

'The only good we do is what He does in us.' John Calvin If servant leadership needed a mantra, I submit the above. Even our righteous deeds [good works] are like polluted garments, filthy, worthless rags in God's sight (Is 64:6). Jesus reminds us that 'none are good but God alone' (Lk 18:19) so truly the only good that we can offer is what His Holy Spirit is working...

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