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29 November 2016

'Where there is no passion for the Word of God, other passions take over.' D.A. Carson Musicians are excited by melody, dynamics, harmony, musical texture and tone. But the servant leader is excited by how those musical elements create space for the Word of God to be on display. It is their primary passion. 'The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the Word of the Lo...

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22 November 2016

'In today's hurrying age, I am firmly persuaded that many Christians don't give time enough to the private reading of Scriptures.' JC Ryle Whether the stable and steady, or the uncertain and fearful I find myself returning to two places again and again: God's Word and God-songs songs that anchor the truth of God's Word to my soul. 'Be to me a rock of refuge, to which ...

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15 November 2016

'As Christians we do not look at the Bible from outside. We live in it. It is our story.' Lesslie Newbigin Scripture is God's Word that in every place from start to finish shouts of Jesus (2 Tim 3:16, Jn 5:39). It is our story, because we are a part of God's Story History. We are 'rooted and built up' in His Story (Col 2:7). And as we gather we look to His story, and a...

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8 November 2016

'That's the story of worship: God creates, sin corrupts, but Christ redeems. And all of us get to sing along.' Mike Cosper If God had not redeemed us, He would still be worthy of worship. But how much more should our hearts desire to rejoice when we see God's glory on display against the black, broken backdrop of our sin? Each week as we gather, we are retelling the Gos...

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1 November 2016

'Thy glory o'er creation shines, but in Thy sacred Word I read in fairer, brighter lines, my bleeding, dying Lord.' Anne Steele We see God's glory on display in creation. He has set His glory in the heavens. The skies proclaim His handiwork (Ps 19:1). From the slightest colour to the greatest cosmos, everything is spinning in worship of our Creator God. But God has also...

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