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8 March 2016

'Grateful hearts want to monopolize the tongues of the people for the glory of God.' Spurgeon Gratitude is born in two areas: when we've been given something unexpected, undeserved or extravagant, and when we see a bigger picture past the present moment. Is this not the Gospel story? A grace and love that we do not deserve that moves us out of the present moment into ete...

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24 November 2015

'Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.' GK Chesterton Gratitude should be the perpetual posture of the servant leader. Happy because 'The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad,' and wonder-filled because 'what is mankind that He is mindful of us?!' (Ps 126:3, 8:4) And at the intersection of happiness and wonder we find gratitude. Servant leaders should be...

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17 November 2015

'O, chief musician, tune our lips to the melody of thanksgiving!' Spurgeon What is the melody of thanksgiving? Like the leper in Luke 17, who was healed, and 'turned back, praising God with a loud voice,' and falls 'on his face at Jesus' feet, giving Him thanks (v15-16),' it is the natural response to seeing God for who He is, recognizing what He has done, and understand...

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28 July 2015

'Try pushing the boundaries of gratitude, you'll find there are none.' Mia Fieldes Having time away I have continually found myself with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Grateful for the good relationships that challenge, support, encourage and last over country lines and many many years, grateful for what we get to do, grateful for this season on life, and of course ...

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14 April 2015

"Let gratitude be awakened; let humility be deepened; let love be quickened." Charles Spurgeon Often we are quick to talk about what should be happening to and in those who we are leading in worship, but all three of these should be true of us when we are leading worship. Gratitude awakened The opposite of gratitude I've found is discontent. It's an intense vocal (out l...

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