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26 January 2016

'Sovereign Lord, apart from you I quickly die, bereft of you I starve, far from you I thirst and droop, but you are all I need' Puritan Prayer As independent, self-sufficient people, we hate to admit that we are in need of anything. But truly our greatest need is one that we cannot remedy: to be made right with God (Romans 5:1, Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-9). Once and fo...

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26 May 2015

'If serving someone is beneath you, then leading is above you.' Kevin Monahan Below the surface, whether just below or buried deep down, we all long to be in a position where we are served, to be the leaders not the servants. Because what is true of leaders? Their role is prominent, influential, respected, noticed and admired by peers and beyond. Leaders are served Or ...

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9 June 2015

'The humblest and most unseen activity in the world can be the true worship of God.' William Barclay For those of us in a public position it can be easy to confuse our public act as real worship and service. All throughout Scripture we see how the Pharisees and Scribes love the attention that their role brings, while their hearts were far from God (Matt 23, Lk 20:46). Th...

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7 April 2015

'So shall I fulfill the great end of my being to glorify Thee and be a blessing to men.' Puritan Prayer There should really only be two motives when leading on a Sunday morning to honor, lift up and glorify God, and to love, serve and bless His people. Anything else borders on self-serving. Over the past couple of months the image that has been burned in my brain of w...

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