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8 July 2015

The proud and self-righteous always feel that they are not treated as well as they deserve.' Leon Morris There is no room for pride and self-righteousness in the heart and life of a servant leader. There is no room for pride and self-righteousness in the life of a believer, period Pride got Lucifer kicked out of heaven (Is 14:12-15), banished Adam and Eve from the Gard...

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Guest Post: 11 August 2015

'Letting go of my pride, giving up all my rights.' -Chris Tomlin For me one of the biggest marks of a servant leader is someone who gives up their preferences for the good of others. As musicians it is tempting to make decisions based on what we enjoy, what will allow us to best display our musical talents and what is easiest for us. But, in the words of Stephen Miller, '...

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Guest Post: 18 August 2015

I don't know about you but one of the things I've felt whilst thinking through all that we have discussed regarding servant leadership is 'flip, this is a big ask!' I can see how God is calling us to it and I can see how beneficial it would be for us as a team and for the church. But it just seems too hard. To constantly be thinking about other people's needs and be puttin...

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24 February 2015

'A broken person is a much more attractive leader to God, than a proud person.' Tim Keller We are broken people. But God makes broken things whole (Is 61). And in God we find our 'wholeness.' Not in our talents. Not in our abilities. Not in our relationships. Not in our agenda. Not in our work. Only in the Father, through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit do we fi...

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