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30 August 2016

'Glory in His holy name, let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.' 1 Chronicles 16:10 Words are important. We need to use them carefully and work to make the familiar fresh again. And as those who lead in sung corporate worship, it is also important that we work to understand and explain the familiar words that carry a depth of meaning which enrich the songs we...

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23 August 2016

'Our perennial spiritual and psychological task is to look at things familiar until they become unfamiliar again.' GK Chesterton Have you ever done that thing where you repeat a word until it sounds weird all of the sudden? You have made the familiar unfamiliar once more. How quickly as those who lead corporate sung worship can the songs we sing, the versions and styles...

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17 November 2015

'O, chief musician, tune our lips to the melody of thanksgiving!' Spurgeon What is the melody of thanksgiving? Like the leper in Luke 17, who was healed, and 'turned back, praising God with a loud voice,' and falls 'on his face at Jesus' feet, giving Him thanks (v15-16),' it is the natural response to seeing God for who He is, recognizing what He has done, and understand...

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12 May 2015

"It is sweet to give or do simply to please Him without respect to the public eye." Charles Spurgeon Leading with excellence is balancing and managing tensions. The balance and tension for those of us that lead corporate sung worship is that when we stand up to lead, what SHOULD be happening is the result of the overflow of the 'Lord Most High' being our 'Dwelling Place'...

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3 February 2015

'If love is true, there must always be a certain extravagance in it. It does not nicely calculate the less or more. It is not concerned to see how little it can decently give. If it gave all it had, the gift would still be too little. There is a recklessness in love which refuses to count the cost.' William Barclay We serve a God who loves extravagantly. Nowhere do we se...

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23 December 2014

'A prison cell, in which one waits, hopes and is completely dependent on the fact that the door of freedom has to be opened from the outside, is not a bad picture of Advent.' Dietrich Bonhoeffer One of the things that has struck me this year more than any before, is the longing and desperation that is poured out in so many of the Christmas songs that we sing. Often we're...

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9 December 2014

'Our job as worship leaders is to help people see the gospel more clearly and understand how it affects everything.' Matt Boswell What we do on a Sunday is not an isolated, insular moment.As we gather together as Cornerstone Church we're gathering as a small portion of the larger Body of Christ gathering with believers from around the city, country and world. We also jo...

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18 November 2014

'Sing and play like you actually believe what you're saying or at least you're trying.' Charlie Hall "I can't honestly sing lines like 'it will be my joy to say, Your will Your way,' it seems like a lie if I don't believe it right now." As I've led worship through the years, I've had several people tell me things like that and as much as I understand the thought proces...

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8 September 2014

'Worship must be Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led, in response to the Father, about intimacy and service, and always resulting in transformation' - Tim HughesI love this quote from Hughes, it so clearly articulates what worship is, and our role as leaders of sung corporate worship. Like we heard yesterday, if the Gospel isn't central - then what are we doing? Jesus is the ...

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21 October 2014

'Whenever we assume that art mediates God's presence or causes Him to be tangible, we have begun the trek into idol territory.' - Harold BestWe've either heard it, or said it: 'the music really ushered in the presence of God this morning.' I cringe even thinking about the number of times that's been said to me, or the number of times I've believed it to be true. Yes, music...

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