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20 Dec 2016

It seems to have been a particularly heavy time in the life of Cornerstone Church for many of our members. It's in these moments the impact of the fall, the distortion of sin, and brokenness of our world and lives is palpable, tangible, clear and acute. And it's in these times when we are tempted to despair, tempted to believe the lie that things are broken beyond repair, ...

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3 March 2015

'God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible, what a pity that we plan only the things that we can do by ourselves.' AW Tozer Broken people have a right view of self (not an overly exaggerated self-loathing) which first flows from a right understanding and fear of God like we heard on Sunday(Luke 12:4-5). What an honor we have as believers, that God...

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6 January 2015

'God gives where He finds empty hands' St Augustine If my wife, Kelly and I have learned anything in the experience leading up to and moving to Liverpool it's this: God wants us to live open-handedly. Speaking of all of us that call ourselves Christ followers: our lives, our resources, our talents and desires are not really 'ours.' Every good and perfect gift is from Go...

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