Tuesday Refocus

14 November 2017

‘You know you have an idol when you have to perform.’ – Ann Voskamp


Those are the messages, both subtle and overt, at the core of every worldview and religion. Save one. For the Christian, we are invited to rest (Matt 11:30). Rest in an identity already won – our identity in Christ.

Our performance is as filthy rags – so we rest in the ‘it is finished’ of Christ’s cross (Is 64:6, Jn 19:30).
Our striving is but chasing after the wind – so we rest in the word spoken over Jesus’ identity by the Father: ‘This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.’ (Ecc 2:11, Matt 3:17).
Our efforts to prove ourselves first mean that we will be last (Matt 20:16). So we rest in perfect submission of the One who has been given the Name above every other name (Phil 2:8-9).
Our efforts to earn evidence the reality we do not understand grace (Rom 11:6), so we rest in the free gift of God (Eph 2:8).

Whether it is behind a microphone or instrument, at home or at work, with your family or your friends – search your heart (Ps 139:23). Because anything that whispers your acceptance is tied to your performance is an idol. Root it out with truth and rest in your true identity.


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