Tuesday Refocus

16 December 2014

‘It is impossible to have met the real Jesus and be indifferent. You either bow down in wonder OR go away offended.’ – Tim Keller

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I don’t think I have any friends Christian or non who don’t celebrate Christmas in some way. But what’s not to love, time off work and school, hanging with people you love, good food, gifts, and some sweet stories about a baby born 2000 years ago. On the surface it seems so ‘feel good.’ But reality of this story is that Jesus, fully-God, fully-man was born into our world to die, and put things right between God and man. For some that is great news of comfort and joy. For others it is death – it’s the realization that we need saving, and that we cannot be our own saviours.

So as we sing songs that you’ve heard hundreds of times before, as we hear from God’s Word passages that we could probably recite from heart, my prayer is that we would again see the real Jesus. For those of us that have known Him for years, that we would again be overwhelmed and amazed at who He is and what He’s done. For those that are walking away, walking in darkness, whether they’ve heard for the first time or the millionth time, that the Holy Spirit would illuminate the real Jesus and draw their hearts to Him.

And no matter where people arriving at church may find themselves, I hope the response is the same – awe and wonder. Not the kind of awe and wonder that we read about from Luke 9 where people are merely astonished at what Jesus had done (v43). But the kind of awe and wonder that leads to surrender, repentance and worship.

Fight against the temptation to let this Christmas be routine.
Fight for your heart to not grow cold to what we’re remembering this season.
Fight against the agenda, diary and schedule to crowd out the time to prepare Him room.
Fight against Jesus birth being disconnected from the purpose of His birth.

In awe and wonder,

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