Tuesday Refocus

21 April 2015

“Most people plot and plan themselves into mediocrity, while now and again somebody forgets himself into greatness.” – E. Stanley Jones

The world is busy making a name for themselves. But at the end of the day, all of their striving will return to the dust (Ecc 12:7). And there is only one name that is above every name, so even the most established, the most well-known, the most famous of us will fall into the realm of mediocrity in comparison to His name (Phil 2:9).

Jesus said that those who were truly great are those that are last of all and a servant of all (Mk 9:35). The person bearing the name above every name – is the One who humbles Himself and serves those who are busy making a name for themselves (Mk 10:45).

I’ve had this picture in my mind recently of what it looks like to serve, and it’s of a life turned outwards. Lifted eyes, open arms and a finely tuned heart to the needs of others. Sin is self bent in on self. Our motivation, our actions, our attitude with no regard to others, only looking out for ‘number one.’ Serving is about being others focused. That is true greatness in God’s economy.

Let’s be people who forget ourselves for the sake of His greatness.

“So the last will be first, and the first last.’ – Matthew 20:16

In service,


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