Tuesday Refocus

21 June 2016

‘Those saints stand highest in God’s sight who are lowest in their own; the more glory is theirs, the more humble they are at heart.’ – Thomas à Kempis

More than any other prayer, the thing I ask God for this team is that we would see Him for who He truly is. No cheap substitute. No man-made shadow. No false 21st century slant, but the one true God, high and lifted up (1 Corinthians 8:6).

As we see God for who he truly is, we see ourselves rightly as well. Humility is not a constant battle but the natural reality of one who has seen God. Because as one author says ‘the truly humble are preoccupied with something more glorious than themselves.’

Humble servant leaders are those who’s lives echo the Psalmist ‘I have set the Lord always before me (Psalm 16:8).’ Not just on a Sunday, not just during times of service and leading, not just around other Christians – choosing to set the Lord before us always in everything.

Let that be true of us.



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