Tuesday Refocus

22 September 2014

"If you wish to deepen the worship of the people of God, above all deepen their grasp of his ineffable majesty in his person and in all his works." - DA Carson
The definition of 'ineffable' is 'too extreme or too great to be expressed in words.' How fitting for our God! But as people who's job is to give the congregation words to express and sing of a God who is inexpressible, how do we do that?
We don't start with great songs, we don't start with great musicianship, we don't start with more rehearsal (although all of those things are great, and should be greatly encouraged ;)) we start with God. We start with the Gospel, we start with who He is and what He's done. We start with Jesus, our true worship leader. We start with asking the Holy Spirit to guide us into 'all truth' (Jn 16:13) – which is Jesus! – and to reveal a bigger picture of who God is to us, and the people we're leading.
If we sang new songs for all of eternity about different aspects of God's character, never would we touch the depth of who He is. Let's be a team who desire a bigger revelation of who God is, and adequate words that begin to help us express that understanding as a church.


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