Tuesday Refocus

30 September 2014

'You don't lead [worship] for love and acceptance, you lead FROM a place of ALREADY being loved and accepted by God' - Kristian Stanfill

Musician is not your primary identity.
Leader is not your primary identity.
Vocalist is not your primary identity.
Using those God-given gifts should flow out of our true identity; which is loved, accepted child of God. It's so easy to be so concerned with what other people think, feel and believe about us - especially for those of us that serve in such a public way. But we do not need to strive because we can rest in our true identity. Don't get me wrong, we should feel the weight of responsibility to make sure that our lives meet up with what we're presenting from the front, that our personal worship far outweighs our public worship, and that our time spent practicing is not primarily in front of people for a handful of songs on a Sunday. Resting is not an excuse for laziness, sloppiness or lack of preparation - in fact, it's the opposite. When we understand who we truly are, it should cause us to desire to serve God and His people with excellence, because we're freed up from the desire of our performance to justify our worth before God and people because we are already loved and accepted by the only One who really matters. Serving becomes a joy instead of a chore, or anxiety producing.
I desperately desire for myself and our team that we understand who we truly are, and lead from that place.

Leading from our true identity,

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